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Wow_Space2 karma

Tiyuri, are you ever planning on doing anything with instruments and songs in Starbound? Honestly I find them as pretty great. Especially how we can play our own songs but I personally think some instruments need polishing. Are you ever gonna add any more instruments? I was hoping in particular the ukulele.

One more question; IIRC, you guys are developing a way for players to share missions and worlds between each other? When will this feature/tool be available for players? How will it work exactly? Also, will the public ever get the tool like the one contributor quiksilver possesses for easy development on maps?

I may be asking too much but honestly I was very interested in Starbound's development quite some time ago and as of today. It's a game that enables the player to do so much of their own thing and has infinite potential of becoming a better and bigger game. That's what got me into it. I wish the best of luck to you and your dev. team!