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What celebrities did you meet and flip your opinion on the most? Perhaps thought you wouldn’t like one that turned out to be cool and vice versa.

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How much of your cancer do you attribute to genetics? How much to lifestyle? And how much to Reddit comments?

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Is it related to SimCity? If not, are there any trademark issues? Can be kick TSA out?

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That’s cool. I thought they would just lawyer stomp you anyway just because they could. But good to see the little guys win.

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Is Fard Saffron Brittle supposed to be chewy or more like tough peanut brittle? Because I got some and while it was very good, it wasn't like conventional "brittle".

And what can the US do to help. I felt we should have supported the green revolution with a lot more enthusiasm than our government did at the time. I need this regime gone so I can go visit and eat the food.