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My nana make this, but calls it beigli (she pronounces it pie-glee). She learned to make it growing up in Hungary. It's literally my favorite food item. I tried making it once but it was too dense and dry. It's the best warm from the oven, slightly dense crust but not too dense, a nice flakey crust, and slightly moist. The canned poppy seed the recipe calls for is hard to find in the US.

Here's a recipe. Although this probably isn't exactly how my nana makes it.


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This guy was going to die because he was born, so killing him was ok.

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Is there a chance the us will nationalize healthcare/pharmaceuticals during the crisis? Would that even help?

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Do you support teachers unions in schools that have failed generations of students?

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Oh you fix things, well I’m a brain surgeon so suck my medical ass.

Didn’t think I needed to do this but /s, obviously