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Oh wow, I had no idea Manson was so smart!

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I am a vegetarian, I have been most of my life thanks to my parents becoming veggies shortly before I was born. I sidestepped a few times in middle and high school but shortly after that decided that I wanted to be a vegetarian not because my parents were but because I love animals and see no need to endanger them just for a pleasurable eating experience. I think it's too easy to disconnect the prepared delicacies that we eat from living feeling creatures that really aren't THAT different from ourselves in their basic needs.

That said, I feel I am a bit of a hypocritic. I still love cheese and eggs. Milk kind of grosses me out so I don't really partake of it by itself anymore. I know these industries probably dont treat the animals much better than the meat industry despite my best efforts to go organic and cage free, so I'm fairly conflicted. I really enjoy imitation meats and soy milk but I have yet to find a suibtable replacement for cheese or eggs. Any suggestions from anyone? I know there is substantial work being done to create even better imitation meats, but I haven't really heard of much work being done on the dairy side.

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Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check those options out. I generally enjoy a good tofu scramble. I could easily have that over scrambled eggs. I love a good cheese omelet in the morning... so that and other baked goods that require eggs would probably be my biggest concern about an egg substitute.