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Do you remember any specific patients you treated and have you stayed in touch with anyone you treated?? Thank you - You're an angel amongst us!

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I worked a 25 year career in organ donation particularly in organ procurement and was involved in putting Oregon's Death with Dignity's act together... I was wondering if you had the same experience with pharmacists refusing to fill scripts for this protocol? How about any pushback from the Catholic Health Groups?

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In the mountaineering community, Krakauer received some criticism regarding his accounts of this tragedy -- There was a pretty decent book written by Scott Fisher's lead guide, Anatoli Boukreev, called 'The Climb' which details his account in the rescue- After thoroughly reading both accounts, I came to the conclusion that Boukreev's account is more authentic-- I also consider the attempts of Boukreev to help all those afflicted to be one of the most hurculean physical human feats ever... I truly hope this movie gives him the credit he deserves -- Correction with apologies: Anatoli Boukreev was Scott Fisher's lead guide.

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In almost all cases, organs and tissue are contraindicated for donation due to their underlying condition leading to assisted suicide- However on occasion, they can still donate corneas for restoring someone’s eyesight - cancer isn’t necessarily a rule out for that gift. This actually brings up a very unique and rare scenario where the actual donor does the consent and medico-social review instead of a family member - as a former coordinator, this only happened once in my career -

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That’s also labor law -