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Where has your study been published - can you please share the DOI link? I can't find it on your website.

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Okay thanks, but is this undergoing any peer review for publishing in an academic journal?

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Hi, very interesting topic. At a work conference recently there was mention of using techniques like mindfulness and meditation, to help us better handle stress and increase resilience. Does your research explore the effects of idling/daydreaming only, or more active forms of emptying or calming the mind?

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Recently I've been going through a lot of stress at work, and have decided to have lunch away from my desk more often as one way to relax. I agree that preventative measures are very important - I started making some bad decisions, and forgetting to keep people informed, yet was too absorbed to even realise my work was being affected in this way.

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Good point, there is a strong stigma against that kind of 'unproductive' daydreaming. I used to do this a lot as a kid - had so many weird and wonderful ideas. Now I guess if I catch myself doing that I immediately begin rejecting the ideas as unrealistic, inpossible, not relevant etc.