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I hear starting a collection of rare/old books is a bit like picking up a heroin habit. Is this accurate?

Also, what's some of the best books you've read?

(Rare, Old and contemporary)

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This may be a dumb question that comes from one of those hobbyists that think they know what they're talking about, but...

Is it possible that the Inflaton is the source of Dark Energy or cosmological constant?

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Using words like "bottom-feeder" and being "looked down on" as a voiceover artist is generally indicative of your own self-esteem issues. I've known dozens of VO people who do just fine and make a very comfortable living. How? Because they started at the bottom doing exactly what you refer to as "crap" and made contacts and a portfolio. Over time (I'm talking five, ten, hell, even twenty years), they began to make a lot of money for very little of their time. I've also known dozens of other wannabes who are just as talented but don't ever find the breaks they deserve.

And then there are people like you. You want a shortcut. You thought by coming on Reddit, you might get lucky and drive some traffic to your site, so don't insult my intelligence. You get off on the fantasy that, "hey, celebs lurk here, who knows right???"

You absolutely came in here wanting to be discovered. You mentioned you're smart, educated and are doing this for fun.** Bullshit.** You wanted someone to see this AMA and feel sorry for you because the industry supposedly "looks down on the type of work you do."

Well guess what pal? No one promises voiceover artists anything - not even those in the big time. Actually, strike that, ESPECIALLY in the big time.

So, stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop calling the jobs you do get CRAP and get a job even tangentially related to the industry if this really is your dream. Even if you're a receptionist, then make those copies and get that coffee.

*source: worked in the industry for fifteen years.

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What do you think the impact of self-publishing and Amazon entering into the publication market will have on the traditional big six publishers? Do you have any plans to step into the e-book market?

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Writing, or voice work? Which do you prefer?