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It makes sense when you think about it: The schlock elsewhere drives the clicks, so they can spend the money on actual journalism.

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John, maybe not the right place to ask, but... Im watching your video on the Congo and Africa's World War and a comment made me think of something: Why not have a future series of world history devoted to showing African History and how it fits into World History as well as dispelling the myths too many people have?

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If you do get drafted, come on over to /r/ravens . We would welcome you with open arms, crab cakes, natty boh and Utz Potato chips.

Almost forgot a certain staple in Maryland Cuisine: Old Bay

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Can you at least give us something cryptic about it that when we see the episode, we'll know, "Ah, thats the one he is talking about"

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How did the Texas Rangers get involved in this? Did you contact them or did someone outside the case go, "Wait a moment, something isnt right here?"