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I am not a convict or ex-con, but I do work for a job training program (culinary arts) that mostly serves people with backgrounds, often right out of prison. IMO, the best things the government can do are:

  1. Make funding available to independent nonprofits such as mine to put on training and offer services (we also fund a good chunk of our own operations with our restaurant and catering social enterprises).
  2. Make money available and known for those that hire people with backgrounds, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  3. Legislate protections for people with backgrounds. Ban the Box is a good start, but we should all strive to be Hawaii.

If the government wanted an active part in rehabilitating people coming out of the prison system, maybe they ought to consider, I don't know, effectively using the time people are in there instead of making it a punitive-first nightmare?

WitOfTheIrish3 karma

  1. Based on a lot of your responses, I would love to know what you think of the Montessori method of running schools.

  2. Does your book, or your research, do much to tackle the issue of overcoming generational learning apathy/deficiencies (i.e. parents not just not being good learners themselves, but actively discouraging/impeding their kids from becoming good learners)? That's a huge problem in a lot of the places where our education system struggles the most.

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Loved the film. One of the most original concepts and just works of cinematic art in the genre in a long time!

Can you talk a bit about the ambiguity in the movie of the era in which it happens? Some things seem very 80's, others futuristic.

Also, what inspired your choices for the monster at different points in the film? Everything seems so purposeful.

Finally, what US state do you find to have the most pleasing shape?