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Can we see a pic of Great Grandma?!

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Reggie -- Why would you giveaway your profit from the art work you made, instead of using that money to get back on your feet first? Do you not trust yourself with that money, did you not wonder if it could've helped you more than who you gave it to? Or are you genuinely content where you are in life so to feel like you don't need money?

Your generosity sounds unwarranted, totally inspiring to give everything to others, but I hope you are taking care of yourself too!

Much love, Wisgood

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Is there any set schedule structure provided for the community on the average workweeks? I assume they taught you to be your own boss but how does that look day to day?

If you're secular, what kinds of things does the culture gather around on the average weekends?

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How can you protect the unpopular divergent perspectives (which may be true and ahead of the times, but shut out by keyboard warriors)?

With the one exception of wiki, it seems like all social and info platforms have to cater to separating different circles of groupthink, and that's the core of all the misunderstanding of one another in this increasingly extremist internet world. Its cognitive dissonance that keeps our bubbles strong, most people don't really want to be challenged but everyone wants their ideas reinforced. It's great that your platform is stepping away from ad money influence, which really just feeds and uses the bubbles, but yet tribalism runs deep and people on all social medias have founded their bubbles long before the ads rolled out to begin with.

How do you develop a more well rounded culture from the start, without activating everybody's defense mechanisms against 'the others' until diversity erodes into yet another groupthink bubble?

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What is this supposed to reference?