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There is a very fine line between brilliant marketing and cool people... in fact, many times they are the same.

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So I'm having real difficulty finding a reviewer for my mathematics paper that I spent ten+ years on. The problem is that I discovered a set (more specifically, a ring) that is both Cauchy complete and countable, which shouldn't exist, but it does. I have even been able to provide an exception to Cantor's diagonal method using this ring, but I think that no one will read my paper because these things are not within the paradigm and thus not "likely to be true" --true or not. Do you have any suggestions for me as to how I can find someone to read a non-standard paper? I have the paper written in LaTeX, and is very concise, but it has still been passed up by ArXiv.org, ECCC.org and Terrance Tao (AMS journal of mathematics). There was no reason sited as to why they won't accept my paper for review, just that it wasn't read by anyone. I'm not sure what to do with my decade worth of work. I feel they just read the chapter headings and not the logic leading to the conclusions of those headings, since, it is not an easy read. Any suggestions on what I can do in this situation? How can I find someone to read the paper? I've asked to meet people at my local universities and none even respond to a meeting inquiry. I'm hoping to find someone who can either accept the paper, or show me where the fatal flaw is.