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Wips_and_Chains5 karma

I dont know what to do. My husband and i were texas residents but we just moved to new mexico(within the last month and dont have an address to switch our dl's yet) Which state should i try to vote in? We are full timing rvers now so we dont have plans to go back there but if i have to go back to vote, do i have to go back to my county?

Wips_and_Chains4 karma

Oh awesome! I do have a rental contract with my rv park so i will call and find out :) thanks!

Wips_and_Chains4 karma

Oh wow thanks! I got a text message earlier today which promoted me into thinking about it (I guess that was the whole point of the movement lol) and i just got so confused trying to read voting stuff online. Thanks for helping :)

Wips_and_Chains2 karma

I will do a mail in vote for this election if i cant go in person. I was just a little worried about them getting lost in the mail but at that point thats not on me :)