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We don't know the context in terms of how much of the rest of the day actually was doing everything he wanted to do. I suspect this was just the normal family situation where its like "okay we will do your thing all day but each kid gets to pick one thing they want to do" and seeing tinkerbell was just something that one of them wanted to do that the boy wasn't interested in.

I know it's supposed to be all about him but you couldn't take 5 kids to disney world and not let them pick a few things they want to do. Not without starting a war that would ruin the whole day. If I was that boy I wouldn't have minded waiting while my sisters saw a princess.

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Some girl got really really pissed at me because I asked for a shake and she pressed something on the machine when it was cleaning and the machine sprayed her with watery milk.

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Before you do, there's another settlement that needs our help.

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What's the store policy when someone shitfaced drunk goes through the drive through in the middle of the night?

I only ask because drink driving pisses me off and I was in the car behind some guy in the drive through. He was so drunk he dropped his change then fell out of his car trying to pick it up, then he got back in and drove off. The staff didn't seem to care.

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It would also deter me from banking there.