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what is (MYB)?

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We usually try to convince our cabbie to come inside to drink and/or get high if we are running late.

i don't think you're doing the whole designated driver thing right

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I call this place you live hell

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why are the trucks always packed like someone just dumped everything into the back of the truck loose and wherever it falls? wouldn't it make more sense to have it all on skids instead of 3-4 skids buried beneath a massive pile of crap, some of which ends up being broken??

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you do what you need to to pay the bills. no animosity about that from me, former call center employee for companies that rape their customers worse than walmart.

the production and time goals part makes sense, i just can't believe that could possibly be the best way to do it. they may not lose money on returns for broken stuff because everything is on consignment, but even if it took longer to load the truck properly, it would take infinitely less time to unload it if all you had to do was unload the skids and take them straight to the floor. returns/breakage decreases and product makes it to the shelves quicker and in better condition. more efficient unloading means less people needed to do it, less payroll expenses. though i guess you guys at the DC make better than the unloaders in store, so that's a con for walmart.

it just seems retarded to me that a company as large and overregulated (they've got a policy for every other stupid possible scenario) as walmart can't come up with a better system than this.