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Thank you for turning an incredibly complex topic like campaign financing and its effects into something more easily understandable.

How did this system arise in the first place with the emphasis this country has on governmental checks and balances?

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No other way than to dismantle the Dept of Education, really? I understand that Federal and State standardized testing is restrictive and inhibits creativity in the classroom, but to say that there is absolutely no place seems (to me) more ideological than practical.

I want educators to have the ability to teach kids and enable them to learn critical thinking, rather than teach a rote test, but a large amount of a curriculum is still common and coordination and cooperation yields benefits. It's unreasonable to expect school districts alone to conduct that lateral cooperation across the nation and I think that enabling that communication could be a key role for a Dept of Education.

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I don't think most people understand Jeremiah Weed & flying.

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I've heard Cotton Eye Joe a large number of times at past weddings.

How does it feel to have created a cultural icon? What have you been drinking?

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People are used to a car having certain features, an aesthetic, a form; and too many changes drives (ha) people away.

What are some design feature of the Mac E which reflect old expectations or petrol based design features? What are some new design characteristics which were only possible with a new drive technology?