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If there were any scientific studies around the brain that could help your son, would you try and help test in order to help him (and others like him)?

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Hi James, it's really interesting to read about alternative therapies like this, especially when they end up going well and could help so many others. Just the one question; how do you feel about some people on the internet self-diagnosing themselves with 'PTSD' and asking people to be concerned of their 'triggers'? Some places online (i.e. tumblr) now make you tip-toe around so many things for fear of hurting people, but it'd be interesting to hear how someone with what is quite obviously a real disorder.

No worries if it's a bit out of line to ask!

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Thank you for your response! It is troubling to see that people who want sympathy will go to extremes to say they have a disorder that many of those with it rarely even want to acknowledge, so I understand your view. Hopefully people like yourself who have gone through and recovered from this can show others that it's not 'as easy as it looks', to put it in terrible words. I wish you the best.