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I dropped out of the University more than seven years ago. I tried everything possible to get back but living in a third world country with no students loans, I could not get a job and things just keep going south.

This post offers hope, but sometimes I get to feel people like us, live in a different planet entirely and opportunities like this may never reach us.

I'm male (28) and sometimes I think, if I want to get back to school now, where do I start from?

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Thanks for this... I'll check them out 👍😊

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I live in Nigeria. I got to read your other story and it's nothing but inspiring.

But then again, for some places on our planet, things work, for other spots, things don't just work.

I remember back then when I was in the University, the curriculum was nothing to write home about. In our schools, we are not taught things that are relevant in practice. You come to our country and you find the Indians, Chinese, Americans, Britons etc doing the basic things. While you find tons of graduates being cab drivers. You won't believe a thing like a biro and pencil is being imported and unemployment is as high as 34%.

I once had an idea of using a 3d printer to build inmoov robots. Since I couldn't buy a 3d printer, I wrote to collages to buy one and at least, get started with that, I got no response.

I truly like what you're doing and I'm hopeful it becomes impactful for humanity and for the young people of your country

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Sincerely, I'm hearing of Andela for the first time