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Can you explain why it is you missed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act vote? A great deal of your rhetoric is about advocating for civil liberties and decrying government encroaching on basic Constitutional protections, but when the 2012 NDAA, which includes provisions which authorize any sitting president to order the military to kidnap and indefinitely imprison people captured anywhere in the world, was up for a vote, you abstained. Aside from this being a fairly obvious violation of our Bill of Rights and international law, I have to imagine your constituents would object to the president being given such legal authority.

I would also like to how how a medical doctor, presumably someone who was required to understand concepts of vaccination and herd immunity, could be against mandatory vaccinations. Certainly you are a man who has strong convictions, but taking a stand against well-understood science that's saved countless lives because, if you'll excuse me, of people's ignorance of said science, seems to pass being principled and go into an area better described as fundamentalism. While I respect that you believe government should only perform a very small amount of services and overall have very little power, my family in Texas is now in danger of getting the measles, which is almost unheard of in an industrialized country in which people have access to vaccinations. While I can accept your religious views on abortion, I cannot understand your stance on vaccinations and would appreciate any clarification or explanation.

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What can I do to make any autopsy that might be performed on my body a more pleasant experience for the pathologist? And I don't just mean proper hygiene, clean living and such. I was thinking of implanting a small piece of metal somewhere in my body that says, "Hello and thank you for performing this autopsy. Love, Willravel" or something.

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Holy crap, he answered my question!

Thank you for taking the time, The Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

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It's not that we hate them, it's that you don't give a sharpened katana to a student on their first day of swordsmanship. You have to learn what effect parallel fifths have, and how to use them correctly, which can be a little challenging when first learning theory and composition.

Most theory and composition starts with four-part writing, in order to learn things like voice leading, harmonic structure, treated nonharmonic tones and the like. Eventually that moves on to melody, melody and countermelody, and then counterpoint. By that time, you understand the effect of parallel fifths and octaves have, and you can start using them without losing the independence of different parts, or playing with interdependence and convergence/divergence.