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Anxiety tends to raise systolic (top) blood pressure more than diastolic blood pressure (bottom #). Measuring BP at home with a validated automated device with proper technique is best way to screen for white coat htn. Check out site ManageYourBP.org for more info.

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Exercise cannot compensate for poor diet choices. Certainly sodium restriction to 1500 mg daily is key. Being active is foundational. Check out the Ad Council Get Down with Your Blood Pressure campaign which promotes dancing. ManageYourBP.org is a good site for info.

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Sometimes while occurs at high rates within families, the link is not necessarily genetic. It may be behavioral and the same lifestyle changes that control or avoid hypertension are recommended.

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There is no strong evidence to support the concept of cardiovascular benefit to raising HDL. Aggressively lowering LDL may be more beneficial when HDL cholesterol is low.

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It is difficult to know with certainty. The best place to check your blood pressure is at home with a validated device the correct technique. Info can be found at ManageYourBP.org. A list of validated home automated bp devices may be found at www.valdatebp.org.