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William_Harzia33 karma

During the 2009 swine flu scare a lot of people presenting with flu like symptoms were tested to see what kind of flu they had. Some of the statewide data sets showed that the vast majority of people (like 80+%) didn't have the flu at all.

Since the 1990s flu vaccine uptake has skyrocketed, yet there hasn't been a proportional decline in flu mortality. Could this be because the flu is actually not nearly as common as people think?

William_Harzia28 karma

How do you feel about Nekrasov's the Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes?

I watched it, thought it was compelling, and then went on to read all these criticisms in which Nekrasov was painted as Putin apologist and Kremlin stooge. What do you think the truth is?

William_Harzia7 karma

What do you think about that dark matter free galaxy that was recently discovered? Think it's real?

William_Harzia2 karma

I'd be really interested to hear your opinion. It's kind of at the center of the Trump-Russia probe insofar as it supposedly was one of the main reasons why Veselnitskaya wanted to meet with Trump Jr. et al.

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Friend of mine ended up with kidney failure. The only risk factor we could see was that he drank 10 or more cups of coffee per day for years. Were you a big coffee or tea drinker?