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Hello chase, coming to you from New Zealand. I want to upgrade to a professional kit. I currently use a canon 600d and a couple of lenses. You are getting the Nikon d5 which I'm looking at. But so many people are raving about the new canon 1dx mark II? What do you think of these 2 cameras?

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Thank you very much for your reply, you have pretty much reinforced my thinking. The d5 for stills will be awesome, I as a photographer while an all in one is cool, I want to keep my still stuff and my video stuff separate. Especially initially with most of my intended video work being more behind the scenes stuff.

I am supposed to ask a question in these things so will bid you farewell with one question. Do you like Taco's? and would you like fries with that? oops thats 2 questions

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Haha ok the lego camera thing is awesome, but just think about this concept. You and Kate, return to steamboat colorado, all you have in your camera bag is your old minolta and lenses, or an nikon f4 or 5 (I'm not such which was your first nikon) All you have for accessories and gear is what you would have been using back in the 90's. You have to shoot skiers like you did back then, you have to deal with the restrictions of 36 shots for film, deal with changing film, deal with not being able to chimp.

Then at the end you have to get the pics developed and see how it turned out. If you recorded all that and put it online as a vlog or cj raw episode. It would be awesome.

I have nothing to offer you and can't fund this excursion, but I think from an idea standpoint it would be awesome.

I ask you nothing more then could you think about it?

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Chase me again from New Zealand. Would you be up for a challenge. People see you as you are today, they see your success and your accomplishment. However they didn't see the struggle to get there.

I know why you use the gear you use, I understand as a professional you need that gear. But when you say gear doesn't matter a lot of people can't relate when they see the gear you use.

Would you be interested in a challenge where you go back in time to when you first turned pro. Use similar gear, and go and shoot how you did back then? You could record it and use it for content. I would love to see you running around with an old film camera shooting some skiing again.