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It seems to be even worse.


My understanding is that she essentially claimed legitimate harassment that was happening to somebody else was happening to her so they could vote someone out? Am I reading that right?

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I feel like I'm lost on why? Your YouTube channel has far more views than Pornhub, do you have any metrics showing that people were engaged with the videos outside of just treating it like a joke? Aren't you worried that having your lessons appear beneath an animated ad of Widowmaker ramming Pharah with a six foot dong might cheapen them?

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Did they give you an EKGB?

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My best friend and I loved the We Were Here trilogy, as soon as Forever drops on PS4 it'll be an instant purchase! We binged the series across four days hoovering up as many of the trophies as we could with multiple playthroughs, as big fans of escape rooms they scratched an itch we didn't even know we had. The disappearing staircase puzzle in the second game had us absolutely crying with laughter from the sheer panic.

I guess my question would be: who came up with the coloured gas and pipes puzzle in the third game, and why do they hate me so much?

Slightly more serious question, with the phenomenal success of It Takes Two last year are there any plans to try the co-op model with any other genres?