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Have you ever been standing in a store or walking past a person and seen their tattooed numbers on their arm? If so, did you approach them and talk or show yours?

Also, belated happy birthday, Pisces. You share the day with Albert Einstein.

May you continue to enjoy all the best health, wealth, and happiness-thank you for sharing your lifestory with the world (hugs)

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Thank you

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How old are you and how long since you've graduated from college? Is the age bracket spread or are most of the people there close in years?

Have you been contacted by people who want to work there or have you let people know you could try to hook them up?

That is a great job to list on your CV BTW -- good conversation bit in an interview :-)

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Thanks so much & I wish you the best as you continue through your career and life :-)

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When you're in Detroit, is it coneys at Lafayette or American?