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I grew up in LA and have lived in Boston for several years forming +/- opinions of Massholes vs Californicators. What's your reverse take on LA or CA from a Newtonite's perspective?

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A hot shower after cialis may have dilated your blood vessels to lower your blood pressure and risk passing out. Read the side effects about avoiding hot tubs.

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I'm a grandparent who went to a help register young voters at a Marijuana festival. I thought it'd be easy. Nope. So many young folks said they didn't want to register because: A. They'll have to serve on a jury, B. They'd have to reregister their car at a higher insurance rate (students living away from home), C. Takes too much time...

How do you respond to these objections from today's youth?

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I need to fly to Tel Aviv. How do I get that fare for Oct?

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Yes, ironically.