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Westland is doing in Seattle - they're not in Kentucky and they can make things other than bourbon. They're making their own single malt. We like that they make their own juice.

Here in Kentucky we like what Drew Kulsveen at Willett is doing. They make their own bourbon now. New York Distilling Company is making their own stuff now too after starting out with vodkas and gins.

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Jimmy: Wild Turkey 101 on the rocks

Eddie: Taste of bourbon right outta the barrel when I first started in 1981, still the best I've ever had. Put it in a plastic cup.

Bruce: Dad gave me and my brother a sip right out of the barrel (after I was 21 of course), and seeing how passionate he was about it, that's the best I've ever had.

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For us at Wild Turkey it'd be about an 18 month deal. Depends on looking at a new concept or if you found some whiskey that you really liked. It depends. But probably about 18 months.

If you're tasting along and you find something extra special, and you know it can be an innovation or will age well, you can put it aside. Sometimes you just find barrels that you taste and think are exceptional. It takes a while to get all the buy in.

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So the Wild Turkey name came through the Austin Nichols company, they had a wild turkey hunt in North Carolina. A bunch of their friends went on a wild turkey hunt together. Someone brought along a bourbon that had a bigger bolder taste, and everyone liked it. Everyone kept asking for it, so they eventually put it on the market about 1940. When they went back and checked the samples they'd taken to the wild turkey hunt it was 8 yrs old and 101 right out of the barrel, and they decided to make it like that, the Wild Turkey 101 we know today.

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No comment :)