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I know it was a crazy day! The reason that giant squid are so elusive is that we have been trying to look for them in the wrong way. When we explore the deep-sea, we often use bright white lights to pierce through the darkness (remembering that sunlight only penetrates through the first few hundred meters of the water column and everything below this is in continual darkness). However, giant squid have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. This means that they are able to see us and our lights long before, we are able to see them.

The secret to capturing them on camera has therefore been to use incredibly low-light sensitive cameras.

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I would say number one is to vote. The governments that we elect and the decisions that they make have an incredible impact on ocean health! A solid second place would be to cut as many single-use plastics out of your life as possible. You might live in a landlocked state but your trash can travel the world. If we can reduce our production of single-use plastics, this will have an huge impact in reducing plastic pollution throughout the oceans.

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It's difficult to use infra-red technology under water as water absorbs red light quickly. This is one of the reasons that most things appear blue when you go diving. However, there are now some incredible low-light camera that allow you to film almost anything with minimal light. A great example is some of new footage on the NetFlix documentary "Night On Earth". I recommend checking it out to learn more!

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The turtle was bleeding after the straw was removed, so I am certain that it hurt. However, I can only imagine how much more it must have hurt while it was stuck in there!

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I don't think the sea was angry, I just think it likes to play rough.