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Good questions. I'm a little disappointed with this AMA, sure we are getting a little bit of insight but it feels more like an attempt to glorify and/or improve the image of Zimmerman.

And just hours after he was acquitted. This seems too convenient. All hail the great, noble, honorable Sir Zimmerman!

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The people who bought those things, did they share what they wanted them for?

Home DIV projects?

Fitness centers?

Small business entrepreneurs?


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Think of it this way, a store has hundreds of items, and a lot of them are on sale, on clearance, on promotion etc.

When a store closes, every sale and promotion ends. All items are returned to full regular price and then discounted...slightly, and slowly incrementally over time.

The same thing happens during Black Friday, which I worked at Best Buy for two years during BF. If you weren't buying what was in the ad, you were probably paying more for something than you would have the week before.

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Cash, under the table into Jeff's pocket? Or was he a company man till the end?