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Respectfully, I’m not sure that this gets at what the commenter is asking. This answer doesn’t appear to address the issue of whether “both sides” repeating necessarily favors one side in our current climate (my position is that it does, unfortunately).

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It's funny you mention that movie, in particular -- it's cited among lawyers as one of the most procedurally-accurate representations of the courtroom. It's also the only movie I've heard a judge reference while on the bench.

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If it's Republicans, we would work together to cut taxes and spending.

What sort of taxes and spending cuts did you have in mind, even just generally? I can't imagine paring down the defense budget as per your non-interventionist stance going over too well with a GOP-controlled Congress... It's very, very easy to be a proponent of "cutting taxes and spending," but that means nothing without actually talking about whose taxes you're planning on cutting, and what you're cutting spending on.

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Penny Plan

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. (While I realize that you might not have the time to go down this road with me specifically...) I'm still curious as to how proponents of the Penny Plan would respond to critics who note that, for example: the PP would lead to trillions of cuts in defense, hundreds of billions of cuts in Medicare, and over a billion of cuts in Social Security as per the Congressional Research Service report from 2012... likely crippling the latter two programs. This is even more worrying giving the impending mass retirement of Baby Boomers, I think.

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Now I’m imagining Jon Gruden breaking up with me thanks.