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WhyRickD99 karma

Huge huge huge huge fan! I judge people based on whether they enjoy your stand up or not. I couldn't have a boyfriend if he didn't LOVE your comedy, he'd go insane.

Preface: I'm going to see Grumbling Mustard in Portland, OR on the 26th.

Question: is there anything I should bring? Cake? An eclair? Chocolate? Wine? (We could share a bottle 😉) All of the above? What do you like?

Thank you for your time Sincerely yours

WhyRickD65 karma

M - "What are you eating?" B - "I dunno some kind of delicious biscuit"

M - "It's a coaster"

WhyRickD21 karma

Eclairs it is! See you there! 💖

WhyRickD3 karma

Kristen's stand up is AMAZING too! I would also offer her her choice of food and snack if I could ever see her live. It makes a person feel nice to be offered things and flirted with. I'd probably flirt even more with her! Lol What's the bfd?