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I got cornered in an elevator by a big drunk guy in a hostel in Switzerland. He kept touching me and calling me pretty and pointing out that I was wearing a small skirt. Was very, very scary until a third person got on the lift and drunk dude backed off. Don't know what would have happened otherwise.

Management didn't seem terribly concerned, which was shocking. But I was also not my most assertive self back then, so maybe I didn't explain myself properly. Mostly I just wanted to leave.

There are lots of ladies who travel with no problem, but I just wanted to add this story to drive home the point- it's not "a big lie."

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TIL that Gov teachers are the coolest people on the planet and now I'm mad that everybody looks down on high school teachers.

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I got malaria last year (on my honeymoon in Thailand) and spent three days in the hospital (I also had another infection, what a fun time) then someone asked me "did you get the kind that keeps coming back? Malaria can keep coming back."


My doctors said no such thing. What were they talking about? Is this true? How do I know?

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Would definitely, definitely pay 20-40 bucks for this NO QUESTION.

Make it happen, sir.

Ooh. Kickstarter?

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Yes. And I can't imagine even considering force as an option. Definitely you have to rely on other people, and when you're abroad it jet feels less possible to do that.

God, I tried to push a friend over, even jokingly, and the strength differential was just heartbreaking. I even lift bro! :[