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Hi Misha, my name is Ashley. Firstly, I just want to say thank you for being awesome :D you're the best kind of role model.

Also, I'd like to get your input. I have just recently heard about GISHWHES, and it sounds awesome! Something I really want to do. But, what do you suggest to someone with a pretty bad social anxiety problem? I want to participate, but no one in my personal life (read as: anyone I'm comfortable with) is interested, so I'd have no one to participate with. I know that I can be assigned to a team of 14 other people. But, the thought of meeting strangers and having to work with them sometimes makes me want to hyperventilate (no joke).

Participating in GISHWHES is a great goal for me, to help me overcome some of the anxiety and get me out of my comfort zone (very much like even asking this question has done). I was thinking of sitting this year out, just to watch, and maybe participating next year? But then it was announced that GISHWHES will be starting on my birthday (August 2nd), so I'm taking that as a sign. So now I'm looking for another sign. Should I participate this year, and if so, what advice can you give me, and others like me, to help overcome the social anxiety involved?

Thanks again <3

edit: Wow, I've received a lot of comments and messages from people giving me advice and offering to let me on their team. You guys are super sweet, thank you so much for all your kind words. I guess I'm not really sure what to say? Besides YOU'RE AWESOME, and so is Misha I suppose ;D I should probably clarify that I'm 24, and have struggled with social anxieties for a very long time. I should also say that I don't take any medication for it (for reasons which I won't get into). So, needless to say, seeing all these messages makes me very nervous, but I think I've decided to participate in GISHWHES this year. Although I haven't decided whether to join one of your lovely teams, or just play GISHWHES roulette and get a random team... But I will keep you posted, for those who are even remotely interested :) Thank you all again so much <3