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"Oh, my hard drive crashed so I don't have my emails any more!"

"Aren't emails stored on webservers?"

"............................................My hard drive crashed."

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The one question I absolutely want to ask?

We're all thinking it.

How long do you think it will be before you masturbate, if the operation is successful?

How bizarre will that be, since it's not your original hands and not your original genitalia?

I hope this question isn't too weird. I really am curious.

Oh, and has anyone said anything about skin colour? Different people have different skin colours. If this works, will your skin colour even out, or will your head always have a different shade of colour to the rest of your body?

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I don't really have a question but I just wanna say how disgusted I am this story. It's just really a failure of society.

We've got you, the kid who is seriously ill, stuck in a country with a medical system that basically says 'hey, don't have money? Fuck off and die' in the most literal sense of the word. And then there's the insurance agencies meant to protect you from said hardships who basically said 'hey, fuck off and die for all we care'.

And then there's the government-run agency that puts your father in jail for most of his life because how dare he supply others with the ability to put something in their own body that makes them feel good and doesn't affect others!

I mean, my god. This legitimately pisses me off and I don't even live there.

I hope you're healthy now, and I hope your father gets out of jail. But if not, then hold your head high and respect what your father did for you. It might be 'illegal', but so is a bunch of other shit that shouldn't be. And if you're doing it to pay for your sick kid's medical bills then you can rest easy knowing that for every person who judges your father for his actions, there are ten people behind him going 'Yeah, I'd have done that'.

There is literally no more worthy a reason I can think of to be in jail. It's nothing you, nor your father should ever be ashamed of. People do a whole lot worse for a whole lot less all the damn time.

Stay healthy, man.

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I think you should title this 'Ask me anything (Legal!)'

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So what is your diabolical plan for killing Mr Bond?