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A Soviet man was looking to buy a car. This man, he laid down his money and the fellow in charge says "Okay, come back in 10 years and get your car". And the man asks "Morning or Afternoon?". The man behind the counter says "10 years from now, what difference does it make?" and the man replies "The plumbers coming in the morning"

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I'm married and not looking for your advice, but I do find this fascinating. Would you consider making something like a documentary with some of your clients? Or maybe a Twitch channel where nosy people like me can listen in on some of your calls with customers. Seems like it would be good advertising for you. Sort of like the 2020 version of Loveline.

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Just wanted to say I thought you were great in "In a World". Please rate Lake Bell on a spank-o-meter...and tell us who is the sexiest woman you've worked with.