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What are the websites you open automatically when you start your browser?

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I used to sweat a lot on my face and my hands, and get really red all the time like when you are shy, the real problem here was the getting red all the time. So I had the operation that would stop the redness and hand sweating, by clipping something under both of my armpits. It stopped the redness and the sweating on my hands and on my face. It was a simple operation as far as my doctor told me, the recovery was really fast, like 10 or 15 days.

It's been one year since, turning red now is really rare and never as red as i used to get, my hands don't sweat anymore, I don't know why but I don't sweat on my face anymore, so thats a plus. I noticed that I started to sweat on new places like on my back and on my chest, but only when I'm really hot, not like all the time like my hands used to. Getting this operation was one of the best things of my life.