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Thanks for doing this, but I have a more "personal" question for you.

As a fellow New College alum (a few years after your tenure), there is a urban legend of you mixing up batches of MDMA in your dorm bathtub. Could you confirm or deny this legend? In general, was your experience at New College significant to your later success?

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Thought you were my brother, but doubt it based on your answers. He goes out of Fourchon, but his company is in the FL panhandle. His shift changes are every other Tuesday, but on this one they wanted to bring the boat back to the Panhandle, but didn't want to pay for a lot of gas, so limited the crew to 700 RPM. It took 3 and a half shifts for him to get home noon yesterday. Question - How many different supply boat companies have you worked for? It seems like my brother has only encountered people who have worked for lots or people who have only worked for one.

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Thanks, he's been looking around. Keep your stick on the ice!