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Hi! Thanks for an AMA! I was always wondering is there something you would like to change in your previous games (especially Deus Ex, since, as we know it now, it's almost perfect gameplay-wise - it didn't even age as poorly as some other titles) that you didn't think of during the developement? Is there something you realised after the release that you'd like to come back and fix?

You've also already mentioned that Eidos Montreal guys made some decisions you wouldn't make. What are those particular choices? What in Human Revolution made you go "yeah, that's Deus Ex!" and what felt wrong in your opinion?

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Awesome, thank you for your answer! Thinking about it, I actually agree with the fact that DXHR was lacking in "free" weapons. It was almost there with Adam being able to just take people out with his hands, but that still limited you with the energy candy bars or just energy recharge.

Thank you once again and good luck with your next projects!