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Whatever4561123956 karma

I'm a millennial woman in tech and it pisses me off how pushy other women are about going to those company meetups where they tell you that you're meek because of the men at the company and they will become your mentor and teach you how to lead like a man.

Maybe I just want to go home to do my hobbies instead of going to bullshit meetups about how I'm a delicate flower that must be protected from my scary sexist coworkers! I have better things to do than these fucking meetings!

What is the motivation for them to be pushy about these meetings and getting the younger women to have a female mentor to teach them how to have a more dominant personality? They are VERY pushy.

I don't feel bad or have any fucking problems:

  • Speaking up in meetings

  • Asking for a raise

  • Proposing new ideas

  • Taking on a leadership role

Yet only women assume I am unable to do these things! No man has EVER assumed those things about me. What kind of message does that send? To enmesh with them instead of be independent.

I get it that it's different now than it was for boomers but holy mother of God I got into tech to do tech not women's studies!

Whatever456112155 karma

Exactly! Basically what these groups communicate to women in tech is this:

"Men are the reason you are not paid more, are afraid to speak up, and don't get as many leadership opportunities. If you come to our meetups we will teach you why men inherently and secretly harbor sexist thoughts against you and how they want to subjugate you in your career. I will be your mentor, do exactly what I say, and you will learn to be aggressive like the men you work with and that is how to be successful."

What if the guys on your team are your friends? How does that work? They claim every guy is inherently sexist. I've had guys that helped me at work and were super cool to me! It's just not true.

It's like a cult.