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Whatatimetobealive8324 karma

Big plus one on the religion thing. My wife and I have lost 4 babies to miscarriages. People trying to talk to me about god and our suffering make my blood boil. The next person to do it is very likely to get double barrelled by my increasingly militant atheism.

I am so sick of hearing about god and his plans.

Whatatimetobealive838 karma

Hi there, thanks for doing this. I have IBD, specifically Crohn’s disease. I keep hearing about a MAP vaccine that could really help people like me. How real is this? How far along is this? Is there any merit to this idea?

Again thanks so much for doing this.

Whatatimetobealive833 karma

You are very right, my wife and I have lost 4, all in the first trimester. I don’t like to compare grief but I don’t feel like I’m grieving those 4 any less than I would had they made it almost all the way or died after being born.