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WhatTheDeef2 karma

Hey, Tommy! Absolutely loved the performance you all had in Huntsville this year, tied for the best concert I have been to alongside Trans-Siberian Orchestra with all other concerts having eaten 3 courses of your dust by now. Loved your reaction when the Guitar Hero winner, Dominic (coincidentally one of my friends), told you he only did Expert. That concert actually inspired me to go into researching auditory neuroscience, the effect that sound has on the brain, just because it was so absolutely incredible. So I have a couple questions:

  1. Do you still get so called "chills" down your spine when you are hearing or composing music anymore? What music caused this for you?

  2. Do you see VGL ever doing anything from Dance Dance Revolution games? I feel like Xepher would be amazing!

  3. Pancakes or waffles?

Thanks again and good luck in everything! I will be supporting VGL for as long as you keep it around.