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What's your favorite book? Are there any disability apps that you like to let the world know about?

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My FIL got a donated organ a few years ago. Will you be immune-suppressed for the rest of your life? Will that, or anything else about being an organ recipient, change the kind of job you will do?

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This is so cool! I used to be a Plaintiff's paralegal and did a lot of personal injury. I often found the people with the money to wait and take our advice got the best settlements. Do you find that you think poor people are unfairly disadvantaged by our system? Do you support any particular legal reforms? What state or states do you work in? I was in Georgia and we took cases mainly from the south.

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Be present. Be available. Don't have advice. Everyone feels compelled to give advice. (I learned this with my best friend's child loss.) Skip that and be good at silence and listening.

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For people in certain types of poverty, the cultural pressure is to "wear the wealth". So, they buy high end watches, cars, and shoes, but don't spend money at home. This has to do with no one wanting to look poor. And with a deep seated desire to be seen as successful in daily interactions.