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How unrealistic was The Americans? (loved the show, just felt like there must have been a lot of creative license taken there)

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Depending on the laws of the state it may not be required, nor be applicable. Some areas, like my state (Colorado), have no such thing as a "business license"... Instead, there are forms and licenses with different names and purposes, which may be optional depending on the nature of the business.

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Theater Security Agency

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IRS doesn't care about a business license or sales tax, as that's not within their scope... they care about federal income tax, which you're on the hook for no matter if you have a formal business or not. In either case, the additional income will typically get taxed at your individual income tax rate anyway, as opting to be taxed as a corporation (or S-Corp) often doesn't actually make sense unless you're doing something improper to make it advantageous.

The state, county, and city will care about sales tax though... that's the thing you need to get sorted out, but it may simply be called a Sales & Use Tax License.

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The VIRB is a great camera with lots of battery life, and the Elite model's GPS is better quality than many other GPS-enabled cams I've seen. The downsides are that it is a bit larger and definitely heavier.

I have quite a collection of action cameras due to the business I'm in, and the VIRB Elite is one of the cameras I'll be using for a motorsports event tomorrow. It's simple, reliable, and quality. But I'll also be using the new GoPro HERO+ LCD, which is an awesome little camera that's a bit more versatile.