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Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I'm curious if you have an optimistic outlook on the future of media, not just broadcast, but also smaller outlets which are being either shut down or monopolized. Part of the downfall can be attributed to social media which some say is in its awkward adolescence. Do you agree?


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Mr. Bernstein! Thanks for making yourself open and approachable.

In fact, I'd like to explore that. The news industry has lost the trust of many Americans, who deem it unapproachable, unaccountable, foreign, etc. By doing this AMA, you're challenging those tropes head-on, allowing for direct public commentary. Your accessibility to this community shouldn't be understated.

On that note, are you confident that trust can be restored in American media or are we past the point of no return? Not just talking national media, local & regional outlets appear to be either monopolized, closed, bought out by hedge funds, etc. How can journalists levy the trust of Americans in what is increasingly becoming a post-truth era?

One other thing - press freedom is continually under siege with renewed efforts to prosecute and imprison whistleblowers, incl. Julian Assange, who will likely be extradited to the US. What can I do to fight for truth and help restore press freedoms in the US and across the Globe (+ Mars, eventually.)

I hope Reddit AMAs are the beginning of a media revival.

Thank you!

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Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I'm curious what your organization is doing to end vaccine inequality across the globe. By and large, MEDC countries continue to stash vaccines to provide eventual booster shots to their citizens while also limiting vaccine production through patent rights, the most significant barrier to mass vaccination campaigns in the Global South (I'm thinking of the South African and Indian request at the WTO.)

In short, how should we move forward to end the current pandemic and how will we prevent similar shortcomings in the future?