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Did you know how the season would end ahead of time? Did you have theories?

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oh thats cool! so since you had to watch the finale like the rest of us, who did you suspect was the real killer?

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Well first, Jordan was Jewish, not Italian. But also, I think Leo was a good choice, beyond the fact he's a marquee name. The character is easy to hate as a "dbag," But it's clear Scorcese wanted to make this a film that gets people to laugh, not raise pitch forks. Leo has a charm to him that disarms people, and that comes across in the movie. If they had casted someone that looked like a guy from boiler room, it'd give a different tone to the film.

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What are your thoughts on your namesake being an ancient Iron Age Turkish kingdom? What are you thoughts on the Lydians?


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Have you been to or heard of Staryya Darohi? My great great grandparents were from there, and I've always wanted to know about it.