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I was talking to a coworker about this whose parents are in wuhan right now. He told me it sucks that wuhan is the center of this epidemic and now associated with eating game meat, because almost no one in wuhan does it and he lived there for 20 years and had never heard of such a market. There were some rumors circulating that the animals might have been from guandong because it's more common to eat wild animals there.

Also I find it stupid that people are mocking others for eating wild animals, what do you think a deer, wild pig, elk, rabbits and wild duck are? These get eaten pretty often in the us.

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For those accepted off the waitlist do you also need to allow them to take a gap year if desired? Doesn't this create a huge issue where there will be very few spots for 2025?

I know my school's policy was to allow anyone to take a gap year or return to school after a gap of any number of years if desired for undergrad. Had a student who really did take this to the fullest extent and came back to school in his 70's.

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I volunteer with Make a Wish and I've always wondered about what a health provider's perspective on the organization is. Do you see it making a difference in the lives of kids you help out or being an effective method of helping children deal with the stress of serious illnesses? Or do you think the money used would be more effective elsewhere?

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It depends on the school he's aiming for.

If you're looking into Ivy's / Ivy level colleges, I'd suggest taking as many as humanly possible and enrolling into CC courses should he run out. It sounds insane, but it's the best way to show preparedness for college and be competitive class rank wise. I took every AP class our school offered except AP Mandarin and Spanish and I took college classes in summer and during the school year at my local CC (multi-var and lin alg). Always check on his mental and physical health though and make sure he's not pushing himself too hard. During my senior year, I'd spend the entire day at school, take the subway to CC and finish classes at 6pm then go home and do HW till 2am and looking back it was so unhealthy.

As an engineering major, the science classes and math classes were the only useful credits I got as it allowed me to skip some beginning classes. It required a 5 on the exam though and I would suggest not skipping certain classes if you're going to a school that has a fairly competitive acceptance rate, the course material is significantly harder than what you'll see in an AP class or community college class. I aced through multi-var in community college because it just required rope based memorization to solve similar problems. Multivar for freshmen required proof based solving and a lot more critical thinking on HW than I ever had to do before. I thought I was good at math before I came into that class, after I realized I knew nothing.