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This part of your Wiki always cracks me up:

He bought Wizardchan from the original administrator in March 2013 and owned it until September 2013, when he resigned after losing his virginity.

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The War on Drugs is a really good example of retributive justice leading to increased incarceration. Every time we send a teenager to prison for having some weed on him/her and get inexplicably offended when someone suggests that we should treat drug offenders as people in need of treatment, we're making a decision that values retribution over rehabilitation.

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Hey! It's Mr. Sanchez!

I'm not exactly old enough to impact politics yet (and accordingly I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I form strong opinions), but, well I watched the SOPA Hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee and you were one of the three people there I recognized as sane. I'm glad that people like you fight the good fight.

Anyhow, on to questions:

  1. According to Wikipedia, you are "one of the 10 richest members of the United States Congress estimated to be worth at least $65.91 million." What's your opinion on wealth redistribution/"class warfare"?

  2. You've also done a lot for education and technology, having founded two charter schools for at-risk kids. What, from your perspective, would fix the American education system to the extent that we can compete with countries like Korea? What inherent problems do we have?

  3. You were the first openly gay man (and only gay parent) to be elected in Congress as a freshman. How much harder has it been to get elected due to your sexual orientation? Do you think the situation is getting better or worse at the present?

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Gawker, whose views I agreed with

Speaking of Gawker, what do you think about Adrian Chen's outing of /u/violentacrez's personal information?

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I haven't found it to be harder to get elected, most of my constituents don't care about my sexual orientation. I expect even less people to care over time.

Do you think this would be different if you were running as a Republican?