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FYI, there's groups of people dedicated to just gaming the D&B games and living off prize winnings.

Dave and Busters knows and is cool with it because it encourages more ppl to come and play

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What % of crappy CIA projects would you say are public knowledge? and do you think they're still doing more brainwashing experiments today?

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Sup. Big weekend plans?

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The larger theory at play as touted by your china studies and your 50 cases is that the Liver does the job of filtering out the cancer and the removal of carcinogens in your diet (meat and whatnot) allows you liver to get rid of the malignant cells. This is why max gerson advocated for coffee enemas.

Now, I'm NOT a doctor or med guy, but since I watched a few documentaries years ago I've been really curious as to why there's not a like scientific debunking study about it.

Or, if there is, could you point me to it?