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How are things like over there right now ? Cause we can't really trust what we're reading nowadays, can we ?

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Do you ever wonder if the symbolism is at times lost on the reader ?

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Hey Grant ! Big fan of your work, and you too Patton.

This question's directed to Grant. Mr Morrison, I am currently in the midst of reading your, dare I say iconic, Doom Patrol run. Prior to this, I have read your run on Animal Man too. I cannot begin to say what a profound effect it had on me, and how reading the Arkham Asylum TPB, which had your script breakdown, respect the comic book industry, more as a whole.

What gave you the inspiration to create such unique storylines, with characters that would never fit in within a mainstream comic, but are still endearing, in their own unique way ?

Secondly, the all out bizzarity of some of your creations, like Danny the Street, and the seemingly overarching theme of ditching the status quo, where did you draw content from, while writing such amazing, bonkers and yet, at the same time philosophical stories ?

And Patton, what do you think ?