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My family is FULL of recovering alcohol and drug addicts. It was oddly uplifting for all of us to see an actor we respect and admire portray the lifestyle and attitudes so honestly. Really great movie, and really great work by you.

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Is that really the answer you're going with? He left his 6 year old kid in a different hemisphere to learn a new language and culture? He never admitted to not wanting to raise a kid and you never suspected that he might have done it for a reason other than broadening your horizons?

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That sucks, dude. I assume he's always stuck with the heritage story, though?

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That's kinda bonkers. Thanks for sharing, I was just kinda astonished that that could still be the story after all those years. I guess it just goes to show you how hard the truth can be to admit.

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Maybe, it just seems like he's being honest about how terrible it was in all the other ways.