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They gave me a brief answer so I'll try to dive deeper but they mentioned they just want to try something new at their point in life.

They also purchased Destroy All Humans, Detroit Become Human, and one more that I'm drawing a complete blank on for some reason. So they have a great selection.

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This is evil but take my upvote

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Bruce and Karen (especially her) put themselves down occasionally. I had to lift up their spirits by reminding them of their progress and being honest about how many times I've messed up on a level and it's completely normal for the process.

So the moment when they were actually able to achieve something they thought they couldn't do on their own, we all cheered like someone just made a touchdown and we laughed and screamed.

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I really tried explaining that learning to play video games is like learning a bicycle and, with this game, they're driving a motorcycle.

However they already purchased this game along with a few others and are dead set on this one in particular.

I do highly agree that a small platformer would immensely easier but I am impressed with their dedication to learn (with much success!).

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I feel connected with everyone hear by sharing this story and I'm glad it made your night.

The experience has honestly helped bring me out of a bad rut and it's easing my depression. I would say this is helping me as much as it is helping them.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm looking forward to sharing more stories.