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Hey Dr Gupta! Thanks for doing this AMA! Very appreciated.

So, my question is, now that Ebola is up to 2000 known cases, what do you think are the odds of this virus mutating? Maybe becoming airborne? Are any of the doctors worried about this? Or is it still highly unlikely?

Based on the situation that you've seen, do you think this can really be controlled by late fall or early winter, or do you think it'll take long than that to get under control?

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My grandmother had Alzheimers, she lived with it for awhile. Every year got worse and worse. One year she started thinking she had a job, that her long dead husband was coming home soon, talking about my oldest aunt coming home from high school. Things like that.

Eventually it got to the point where she didn't remember us, the grand kids. That was when it started really hurting. Eventually she forgot even her own children and became scared and violent.

If I were in her position, I'd rather be dead.